If you feel a little lost as you navigate your way through the hundreds of ads from photography agencies, you can find some insights here. The following agencies mentioned here are hard to beat and offer among the most competitive services in the industry.

United National Photographers

The UNP is arguably the most well-known photography agency in the UK. It boasts over two decades of experience in the industry. However, your pockets need to be pretty deep as they deal with high-profile clients who are not scared to spend a few thousand pounds on a shoot.

Soho Management

This agency has offices in London and New York. It has achieved much by offering services in the entertainment and fashion industry. It provides innovative photography services and set the bar high with several talented photographers. You can rest assured that you get what you pay for with Soho Management.

JSR Agency

The JSR is a photography management agency that boasts a long list of top-notch photographers specialising in a wide range of genres, from fashion to entertainment. The London-based company values professionalism. Taking clients from around the world, they are always in search of talent.

Lucid Representation

If you are looking for one of the best photography services that money can buy, you will not need to look further than Lucid Representation. When it comes to lifestyle, weddings, and travel photography, they offer some of the most extensive packages. This agency may give you a good indication of the possibilities.


This company specialises in the automotive, hospitality, and consumer luxury brands industries. Because they manage the photography affairs of corporate clients, it may be a little hard to find them snapping pictures at a wedding. However, it’s hard not to admire their level of professionalism.